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Welcome to Judycia in Despair (JiD)

Adventurers copying from a mystical stoneWelcome traveller to the Judycia in Despair web site. Judycia in Despair is a Play by Email (PBEM) fantasy role playing game (RPG) which uses Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition rules. It is set in the land of Judycia (pronounced Joo-Diss-Ee-Ah) with the game starting in the last quarter of 2010 - the first In Character (IC) posts went out on 12th October 2010. The game takes over from an old PBEM called Journey into Darkness which ran for a long while and at one point had over twenty players in three different groups travelling around the land in search of adventure.

The game is set in the land of Judycia and follows a small group of brave souls as they emerge from a dark period in their land's history. You can read more of the trials that the people have endured and the state of the land today, or at least what is currently known, from the Recent History of Judycia page.

If you are interested in being part of Judycia in Despair then please see how you can get involved. The initial recruitment process has now been completed but I am always happy to accept applications to join so if you fancy playing in a well structured, challenging and very enjoyable PBEM that will be around for a good long while to come and which will provide you with many hours of fun and the chance to make some new friends then see how to send in your character. If you have never played a PBEM or any RPG before that doesn't matter, as long as you have a good imagination and want to play then you will be considered. If your first language isn't English even better!

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding Judycia in Despair or this web site please get in contact with me as I appreciate all feedback - even the bad stuff if it is constructive. If you like the site and the game please share it with your friends, the tools to do that can be found at the bottom of every page. You can sign up for web site update notifications or follow the action as it happens as a Lurker.

Thanks for visiting and I hope that you enjoy Judycia in Despair.

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